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Ayeshah Parker is a leading change agent and the founder of 'The Good Guru'.

In response to the disproportionate impact of oppression, ignorance, and hate, Ayeshah launched ’The Good Guru’ to coach purpose driven folx who want to do as much good as they can, while being true and good to themselves.

As a social impact coach, speaker and facilitator, Ayeshah stimulates individual and collective growth by challenging norms, nurturing curiosity, and encouraging dialogue and reflection. 

Her sweet spot is in working with young change makers - (adolescents - early adults), whom understand that you are never too young to put your passion to purpose.


Her own 'Do-Gooder' story includes a nearly 2-decade career improving outcomes for marginalized populations and leading change within the Social Services, Cultural Institution and International Development sectors.


Ayeshah is a graduate of Hampton University and Pace University, and lives in Westchester County, NY with her husband Brian and their 4 spirited young children.


The Good Guru

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