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Epic Fail

The last time I failed and what I learned

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Recently, I was booked for an engagement in which I was to share with a group of great minds the merits of Inclusive Leadership including the intrinsic values of fostering belongingness on individual performance and collective business outcomes.

Sounds good right? I felt so too...that is until a commercial truck hit a utility pole, taking out power on my residential street, precisely 7 minutes before the start of my virtual presentation.

With no power and no internet, less my cell phone hotspot, what ensued over the next 90 minutes was a Benny Hill'esque (cue the theme music) scene of me attempting to regain control of an impossible situation, without my audience being the wiser. Spoiler alert – they were, and, I failed.

Not only did I fail at what the engagement required, but by way of the experience, I forgot myself, and spent the days following feeling shame, doubt and fear around my credibility, capability and potential. There are a few things that this experience has granted me over the last few days.

Things I've been forced to confront, embrace and most importantly LEARN from. 1. There is wisdom in every source

First things first. What I am about to say are not original thoughts. They are at best, a 3rd grade level interpretation of a concept coined by a great mind named 'George Gurdjieff'. (If anything here speaks to you, look him up - and enjoy what you discover) Now...back to my point. Here's the jist: - everything influences everything - the impact (psychological or behavioral) depends on the influence

- If you are open to it – you can become stronger from the challenges that come from these influences, to the point that you can eventually develop the ability to shield yourself from the effects of impermanent events and everyday stressors You’ve heard the old adage of ‘It isn’t what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters”….well, its true.

But here’s the thing – in order to harness that power of choice when the time comes, you must develop the right tools, like – awareness, consciousness and connectedness.

By investing in your own bioengineering, you will be better equipped to handle life when it happens.

2. “Awareness is like the sun…” One of the best things you can do for yourself and others is to recognize that the things you think you know - you don't. Everything is changing.

Things change over time. And things look different from different perspectives. The things you're not certain of – you actually need, in order to get a healthy respect for uncertainty. But once you have that respect…that’s when the magic can happen.

Because when you are uncertain, you naturally tune in. Actively noticing things, you become fully engaged.

“Post fiasco”, I’ve noticed so many things about my mindset that have given way to insight. Insight that has shone a light on the areas that I am proud of as well as those I want to continue to develop. 3. Success is personal

So, I started out describing my epic fail. And to be sure, I most definitely fell into a puddle of tears quite a few times afterwards, at my utter disappointment of it all. However unexpectedly, I now find myself filled with gratitude for the experience.

Being tested in such a way, I had the opportunity to test the skills I’ve been practicing and 'walk the talk'. And that growth, is what success looks like for me. The jist So here's where I tell you something I think you already know...

Nobody learns without getting it wrong. Roll Call What's the last thing you failed at? Comment below, I’d love to learn from you!

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